How Simply Cremation Gloucestershire works:

Step One - Legal documentation

When you contact us we will advise you about registering the death, after which we will need you to let us have the Registrar's Certificate for Burial or Cremation.

At the same time we will arrange the completion of an Application For Cremation document, which we will need you to sign, together with an instruction form for the crematorium authorising release of the ashes after the cremation.

Meanwhile, we will arrange for completion of The Medical Cremation Certificates. (These together form a two-part certificate, signed by the doctor attending the deceased and then countersigned by an independent doctor, confirming the medical cause of death).

Step Two - Removal and care of the deceased

Once the necessary legal documentation has been completed, we collect the deceased from the relevant hospital or the County Mortuary, nursing home or private address and then provide dignified, temporary accommodation in our own private mortuary until the cremation takes place. The body will be placed in a simple wooden coffin, but we do not carry out any other preparation or embalming.

Step Three - Cremation

When the paperwork has been delivered to the crematorium and authorised, we transport the coffin to the crematorium for a respectful and simple cremation. (ALL cremations are performed individually, as required by law).

Step Four - Scattering or return of the ashes

The ashes can either be scattered in the crematorium Gardens Of Remembrance, or you can collect the ashes either from our office or from the crematorium, in a simple urn. You are then free to bury or scatter the ashes and possibly organise whatever form of farewell ceremony you wish.

Elderly Gentleman


Inside Crematorium

The Simply Cremation Gloucestershire service package is £1929 (payable at the time of order)

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